In the Real Estate business, the spring market is usually one of the best times to list your home no matter where you live. The new year brings new goals and a fresh start, this can lead to more homes being listed and qualified buyers. If you are thinking of selling your home during this time, being prepared for the upswing in activity is very important!


Once you have decided on, hired, and signed the listing contract with a Real Estate Agent, there are a few things that will generally happen immediately after. For one, photography. With the majority of home buyers shopping online, providing high quality photos as well as video and virtual tour is very important to the online presence of your home.

You will want to de-clutter your home, and keep your decor simple. The Camera loves greenery so don’t shy away from a few plants or trees. Pull out those decorative pillows and freshen up your throw blankets or area rugs.

Keep your home in good shape! Cleanliness and organization are key elements when trying to portray your home in the best possible way. You will want to showcase the view, vaulted ceilings, large windows, or spacious rooms. Keeping clutter to a minimum will show your homes uniqueness and make it the focal point.


That sign has been pounded into your front yard and your listing is now live! Chances are you will start to see some action pretty quickly! Potential buyers and Realtors from your town and neighboring cities will be requesting home showings, this is where patience and flexibility come into play.

Keeping your home organized and clean during the home showing process is important. Showcasing what makes your home unique is something you want potential buyers to see. Keep your yard clean! Mow the grass and tidy up the edging around your flower beds. Try to put away your garbage bins, and keep tools and debris to a minimum.


If possible take you pets with you when you go! We understand that having multiple cats, birds or other creatures can make this difficult. If you are not able to bring them with you, try to keep them contained to one room. Making your Real Estate Agent aware of the location of your animals will assist them in the arrangement of showings. This information is important and will eliminate any surprises for a potential buyer.


It is always best to leave your home during a showing. Give ample time for a potential buyer to walk through your home. The Real Estate Agent who is showing your home, may very often be running a few minutes behind. Try to leave a bit of extra time for them to come and go so there are no awkward surprises for yourself or the potential buyer.

Selling your home in the spring market can be an exciting time, and taking advantage of this market swing is ideal. Taking the tips we have provided and keeping your schedule as flexible as possible is going to ultimately help you sell of your home!




Having your home in the real estate market at this time of year can bring added stress to an already busy season! Are you wondering how in the world you are going to manage showings, parties, and all the family functions?

With the Holiday Season fast approaching, it may seem overwhelming to think that on top of everything else, you need to keep your home show ready. As daunting as this task might seem, it may not be as tough as you think. Most people at this time of year have their own events to attend, you will probably see the amount of showing requests go down significantly. Even though this is generally the case, keeping your home in tip top shape for those “surprise” showings is important!


Use this as a good time to get into those spots you would generally over look. This will help with your overall peace of mind. By no means do you want to be moving your Christmas tree when you get those last minute showing requests.


Christmas decor is fun to play around with but try not to go overboard! When potential buyers come through your house, they want to see the natural beauty and function of your home. Keeping things simple is number one, especially when trying to maneuver the real estate market during the holidays.


All of the homemade paper snowflakes are lovely, and seeing the excited smiles of our children when we hang them in the window is what this time of year is all about. That being said, try to stay away from overly personalized items. Pick pieces that go well with your already existing decor. For example, if your home is in the earth tones, go for rich red berries, ever green wreaths and touches of gold. Highlight your homes architecture with white string lights, or accentuate that large fir tree in the front yard.


Do you have large windows with a spectacular view? Vaulted ceilings, or a beautiful fireplace? Showcase these areas in your home! Leave the windows clear of hanging ornaments so that the view can be enjoyed. If you have the height in your living room, choose a tall tree, this will draw the eye up toward the beautiful vaulted ceiling. We all love a beautifully decorated fireplace, and by adding some greenery and simple decor this will hopefully leave them with the feeling of warmth and home!


Last but definitely not least, the front entrance to your home! This is one of our favorite spots to spruce up. The fresh greens, pine cones, red berries and sparkle can add a very welcoming tone when buyers enter your home. Offering a subtle holiday feel can give potential buyers a good visual of what it might look like to live in your home. Remember, you want people to fall in love with your home, not your decor, less is always more!

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As a First Time Buyer, How do I choose a Real Estate Agent?!


If you are anything like us, the thought of buying your first home is an exciting one! That Pinterest board labeled, “My House” begins to fill up at a rapid pace after hearing those words “Your Approved!”  Whether you love the cozy cottage feel, the modern craftsman, or the sleek masculine style home, I think we can all agree that we have a style of home that draws us in and gives us that “I feel at home” feeling.


As a first time buyer, would you like to have that same kind of “I feel at home” feeling when working with your Real Estate agent?

With so many Real Estate agents working in the market today, how do you narrow down the list to find who will best suite you? You may have a friend or possibly a family member working in the industry, but does this automatically mean they are the right fit for you? Do you sit down and scroll through social media pages looking for someone who looks market forward, fashionable, and who may have a Five star rating with Google?

Before you start rushing over to Instagram and start flipping through profiles, take a step back and think about what YOU as the buyer, need from your agent. What are your goals as an individual looking to buy for the first time?

What kind of service and attention do you feel you need as the potential client?

With so many questions whirling around in your head, it can seem like an overwhelming task. We are here to offer some tips on what to look for in an agent when starting you home buying adventure!


1. In what location are you looking to buy your first home?

Knowing the answer to this question can narrow down the number of agents significantly! Someone who has the expertise in that specific town or city is very important. To be sure you receive the best care possible, start by doing your research! If possible, talk to some of the home owners in that area to get a better feel for the neighborhood. These home owners may also be very helpful in passing along any information on who the “neighborhood expert” may be.


2. What kind of service and attention are you looking for from your real estate agent?

This can be a huge factor in who you may decide to use as your real estate agent. Character and personality are very important, as some agents will mesh with you in a stronger way than others. While most agents will advertise “amazing customer service” or “we always put our clients first” not all agents will bring the same energy or commitment toward making sure YOUR needs are met. We suggest “interviewing” a few agents to get a feel for the differences there are and what game plan they may offer you. A good way to simply “Vet” a real estate agent is by paying attention to the questions they ask YOU! Are they interested in you and your personal life style? Have they mentioned or noticed that you have a pet who is very much a part of your life? How committed are they to staying strictly to the budget you have set?  Have they asked you what kind of hobbies you may have, or if you are in need of extra space to accommodate your family when they come to visit? What makes you, you, is very important! When your agent is mindful of your wants and needs this will then transfer into what kind of homes they may choose to show you.


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3. Be sure to choose an agent who will negotiate on your behalf!

When the time comes to put together an offer on what might end up being your first home, having an agent with exceptional negotiation skills is key! Someone who is mindful of the budget you have set for yourself, is someone who in turn will negotiate on your behalf to get you the best price possible. Having an agent who can skillfully assist you as their client toward making the best decision, is an agent that will be bring great value to the table when purchasing your home.


4. ALWAYS check, and double check the past experiences that others may have had with the agent you are looking to hire. 

Chances are pretty high that you will be referred to an agent from someone you know, but again just because you have been referred to them, does not mean they are the right fit for you. Be sure to do your research in any case to make sure that you are going to be taken care of by your real estate agent! The experience of buying your first home is very exciting, and should be a positive one. With the help of a knowledgeable, welcoming, warm, and confident real estate agent, the “I feel at home” feeling will go from a dream to a reality!

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5 Easy Ways to Boost Your Curb Appeal

There are some people out there that can see all the potential in a home regardless of its current visual state (myself included). But in my experience, this is definitely the minority of the population! Even easy fixes like paint colors can completely deter potential buyers away from the homes they are viewing. And when preparing your home for sale for these types of buyers, boosting curb appeal is a top priority. The view of the front of your home from the street is the very first impression for all potential buyers and in this case, first impressions mean everything

When preparing to sell your home, it is all about easy updates that make a big difference. These are my top recommendations for easy, cost effective ways to boost the curb appeal and resale value of your home.

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